Bookends is headed to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival!

That’s right!

It’s the largest arts festival in the world! For 15 performances from August 17-31, we will bring complex musical improv to audiences from around the world. Wowing audiences… eating haggis… it’s going to be an amazing adventure! We are ecstatic, nervous, hyped, and all around chuffed to have this opportunity to perform in Scotland! Not only that, but we’re excited to bring this art form and show structure that we’ve worked so hard on to an international audience.

We started Bookends as a passion project 3 years ago. We wanted to find a way to explore honest character relationships in musical improv and to show off our narrative improv chops with a non-linear timeline (thanks Jason Robert Brown and “The Last Five Years” for the inspiration!). Since then we’ve taken this show to NYC, San Francisco, and Chicago — now it’s time to go across the pond! (You know, like the Beatles, but backwards!)

So friends, Romans, countrymen, (mates, Scots, clans-folk?) lend us your ear! Or, more accurately, your coin purses. Producing a show to take to an international venue is amazing, but it’s also expensive. And while both of us have fully committed to making this happen, we are still struggling artists, so any bit of assistance folks can provide takes a bit of pressure off.

Our goal is a meager $20,000. If you think about it, that’s like less than a house. Or 1 month’s rent on a studio apartment in San Francisco… or like a closet rental in deep Brooklyn for a week… You get the picture. All we’re saying is for less that the cost of a slice of avocado toast a day, you can help us achieve our dreams! Because avocado toast is the same cost as a house, we all know this!

We’ve made the budget. We’ve stared at the budget incredulously for a while. And now we’ve decided we really should ask for help. So… will you help with our closet rental in deep Brooklyn??*

We’ve set up an account on Fundly to channel donations towards things like theatre** rental, plane flights, accommodations, hiring an accompanist, food… things that one really needs to make a show happen for two weeks in a foreign country. And like all of the good hat speeches say, if you can’t donate, it even helps if you just share this with your friends.

Thank you for reading this far. We appreciate your friendship. We now return you to your regularly scheduled news feed.

* Admin note: this money will not go towards a closet rental in deep Brooklyn…it will go to producing our Edinburgh show…

** There has already been an intense discussion of theatre vs theater and Diana won… for now.