Bookends: A Musical Journey is a bi-coastal Improvised Musical Theatre duo made up of long time improvisors and Un-Scripted Theater Company® alums Diana DiCostanzo and Clay Robeson. Diana DiCostanzo is currently a NYC based actress, improvisor, and singer/songwriter and Clay Robeson is a SF based improvisor and voice actor. They first met performing with the Un-Scripted Theatre Company in 2011 and bonded playing leading roles one night in a Dickensian Musical inspired by “A Little Mermaid”. Though now on both sides of the country, they have formed this brand new duo to continue the task of bringing cutting edge, dramatic, improvised Musical Theatre to audiences everywhere.


Their show, Bookends: A Musical Journey is inspired by Jason Robert Brown’s musical “The Last Five Years” and tells the story (exclusively through song) of two characters whose timelines criss-cross through time. We see one side of the story unfold backwards while the other unfolds chronologically through time. The audience helps establish the given parameters of the characters’ relationship and the cast fills in the rest! This duo weaves together a rich musical tapestry that delves deep into the human condition and the ins and outs of relationships. Ben Brantley has not reviewed this show, but if he had, Diana and Clay are sure he would say something just as poetic as the last sentence. So come see Bookends: A Musical Journey!