About Bookends

Bookends: A Musical Journey is a bi-coastal Improvised Musical Theatre duo made up of long time improvisors and Un-Scripted Theater Company® alums Diana DiCostanzo and Clay Robeson. Diana DiCostanzo is currently a NYC based actress, improvisor, and singer/songwriter and Clay Robeson is a SF based improvisor and voice actor. They first met performing with the Un-Scripted Theatre Company in 2011 and bonded playing leading roles one night in a Dickensian Musical inspired by “A Little Mermaid”. Though now on both sides of the country, they have formed this brand new duo to continue the task of bringing cutting edge, dramatic, improvised Musical Theatre to audiences everywhere.



Bookends is headed to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival!

It’s the largest arts festival in the world! For 15 performances from August 17-31, we will bring complex musical improv to audiences from around the world. Wowing audiences… eating haggis… it’s going to be an amazing adventure! We are ecstatic, nervous, hyped, and all around chuffed to have this opportunity to perform in Scotland! Not only that, but we’re excited to bring this art form and show structure that we’ve worked so hard on to an international audience.


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“It takes a lot of skill, charisma, and bravery to do a duo musical improvised piece that is by turns funny, touching, and sad, but fortunately these two very talented and experienced improvisers have what it takes to bring both the funny and the tender while singing tunefully with chops and heart.”

Jonathan Pitts

  • Jonathan Pitts
  • Founder/Producer
    Chicago Improv Festival

“Clay and Diana weave a musical tapestry that is not only comedically satisfying but a sonic journey filled with joy and surprise. These two are a delight to hear and watch!”

Anthony Veneziale

  • Anthony Veneziale
  • Creator/MC
    Freestyle Love Supreme

“When an improv duo is meant to be, not even 2800 miles can keep them apart. Bookends combines smart, grounded improv with the sounds of Broadway.”

  • T.J. Mannix
  • Founder/Producer
    New York Musical Improv Festival


Watch Bookends…

Bookends: A Musical Journey at the 2018 West Coast Musical Improv Festival.  Video courtesy of Improvative Productions.